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Keynote Speaker

Simeon has been a radio and television presenter for over 25 years, is an award-winning author of both comedy and horror and is a credited BBC television comedy writer.


As director of a successful communication training company serving global clients, he coaches keynote speakers and is a sought after speaker in his own right.


His TEDx talk, Aristotle, the Ultimate Stand Up Comedian has expanded to become a funny, insightful and interactive conference speech on how to win your audience using the structure of your message. He demonstrates how everyone can engage and persuade an audience using Aristotle’s tools of rhetoric – and you don’t have to learn ancient Greek to understand it.


It’s as easy as remembering how a joke works.

WARNING: This talk contains bad jokes and free chocolate bars!

Watch his TEDx Talk here, soon!

Be Afraid is a witty and inspiring speech perfect for teams facing change. It explores why we fear the unknown and how embracing those fears leads to positive outcomes. Simeon has spent his life drawn to do scary things, perhaps the craziest of which was persuading his wife to give up their home and their jobs and take their three daughters out of school for a year to drive around the world in a camper van busking Beatles songs for UNICEF. Bribing their way past armed Syrian border guards was only slightly less frightening than being cast in a Bollywood film.


Realising his path to becoming a horror writer was via a lifetime of being drawn towards fear, from extreme sports to nerve-wracking career choices, he started to ask why. He consulted philosophers, psychologists, spiritual leaders and scientists to satisfy a simple curious question: why is our fear of the unknown paralysing yet also liberating? If doing something scary is good for us (and he proves that it is), then why is it so daunting, and how can we overcome that?


Scattered with humour and anecdotes, his powerful message in favour of embracing fear pulls references from Neural Plasticity to Buddha and suits audiences being encouraged to think outside their comfort zone, or anyone who simply enjoys a laugh that makes you think.

The Confidence Trick is regularly deemed conference delegates' favourite session. Simeon's years of experience as a television presenter make him an invaluable coach for people wanting to confidently deliver their message when under pressure. In this upbeat, high energy talk Simeon shows how The Confidence Trick is a simple collection of body language choices which not only make you look more confident and impactful, but actually calm your nerves too.

Using interactive exercises and a wealth of amusing video clips, he shares memorable tips on how body language can influence an audience and affect how we feel. This is the perfect energiser for a conference and will have everyone on their feet and laughing.

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