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Our range of training
One to One - fast, effective, affordable

Always bespoke and led by your needs, we pride ourselves on delivering the most practical, useful face-to-face personal coaching at an affordable price. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we are actively promoting online coaching using Skype, Zoom or Webex at a fraction of our usual face-to-face training rate.

If you'd prefer to meet we can come to your office or use our central London space. Whether your challenge is confidence, structuring your message or an important speech on your horizon, we can help you a huge amount in a short time.

Engage and Persuade

This group course addresses the common challenges of nerves when presenting, getting audiences engaged, delivering clear content and using visual aids effectively. No more Death By PowerPoint!


A mixture of large group exercises and small group coaching makes the experience relaxed, meaningful and personal. You'll learn the power of body language, the impact of vocal variety and how to look and feel  more confident when presenting or hosting a meeting. You'll learn how to draw on Aristotle's pillars of rhetoric to make your content more clear and more memorable. 


We'll also dig into the thorny world of slide decks, how to help your audience survive a complex deck and how a simple change to your slides can improve how memorable your data is by over 500%!

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Win Your Audience

Whether you're writing a pitch, motivating your team or trying to convince your boss to take up a new idea, there are a raft of tools you can learn which will help you influence your audience and win over objectors.

You'll learn how to hook an audience with the power of storytelling and apply it in a quick and simple way to your own content using our proven H.E.R.O. structuring technique. You'll learn how to influence the subconscious using advanced body language and how to turn objections and difficult questions into positive rapport.

Our most popular course, this day is perfect for those who regularly present, pitch or host meetings - or whose job is leading them in that direction.

Advanced Storytelling

'Storytelling' has become an industry buzz-word because of the positive effect of using tools that have been honed over millennia. But rather than be told an inflexible set of rules by a trainer who's read a training manual, we want you to fully understand the nuanced forms available to you, practiced by writers working with words everyday.

Grasping the dynamics of storytelling will transform your impact. Through fun examples from movies and novels to the most successful business launches, the wisdom of Aristotle, Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell is applied to your own modern messaging.

Coached by an award-winning author and television writer, this is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ course, but an opportunity to fully understand the psychological triggers we respond to in stories, and how to apply these to your own content.

Media Training

Good interview coaching comes down to one thing: the credibility of the coach. You’ll be trained by a journalist with 30 years editorial experience in the BBC, Reuters and as a senior press officer in multi-national organisations.


You’ll get a full understanding of how the media works, what journalists are looking for and plenty of practice being interviewed. You’ll establish your key messages, learn tips to make them more memorable and be interviewed for online, radio and TV.


From handling a challenging interview to learning where to use soundbites, you’ll leave this day confident and relaxed about your next media interview.

Constructive Conversations

Whether it’s bringing a team together sharing thoughts and opinions or seeking to fully understand the needs of a client, there are several skills which separate those who are good at it from those who aren’t. We can share the skills of successful facilitation, gaining understanding through empathic listening and good questioning.


This course is led by a coach who is regularly booked to facilitate debates and conferences, and builds on the techniques used by good journalists and interviewers to gently explore deeper levels of understanding.


Simple, memorable tools are taught then tried and tested in one-to-one and larger group role-play in an easy, safe environment. The softest of the ‘soft skills’ requires practical techniques which can be learned!

Writing for Business

Drowning in boring bulletins and mind-numbing memos? Lost in a jungle of  jargon? Think how your colleagues must feel. And your clients!


Let us help transform your team's business writing. Expanding outside the world of storytelling, this practical course takes the best skills of print journalists, authors, copy writers and online attention grabbers and teaches how to apply them to your business.


Everything from the company web site to internal documents and impenetrable slide decks are your bespoke source material ready for a re-write. Fun exercises drawing on Shakespeare, Winston Churchill and Twitter make the learning engaging and memorable. Skilled published writers with years of experience across many industries help you and your team banish the baloney and create engaging, memorable written documents.

Crisis Comms

Don't panic! Time is of the essence when something nasty hits the fan. We are a small and nimble company which allows us to react fast.

We've all seen examples of a crisis handled badly, from clumsy, defensive half-apologies to the deafening silence which allows speculation to thrive. What you communicate in times of trouble is vital.

We have first-hand experience of corporate crises at a global level and the pitfalls people face when their reputation is on the line. We can help you negotiate a path to regaining trust and understanding.

So whether there's a shadow lurking on the horizon, or your world has unexpectedly turned on its head, we are just a phone call away.


Call - 0207 112 8398

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