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What do we do?

We help people communicate their message

Who are we?

Three decades of TV, radio and newsroom experience. Doubled.

If you had a leaky tap, who would you call? Someone who'd read about how a tap works in a manual, or a plumber who's fixed hundreds? Simantics is a training and media production company set up by broadcaster and writer Simeon Courtie and journalist Jillian Moody in 2008. It is 'the plumber' to your communication needs rather than simply 'a trainer who's read a manual'. Both still working in the industry, they have almost 60 years of combined professional media experience in national BBC television and radio, ITV, Reuters, publishing and more. Clients helped include HMRC, Lloyds, Virgin, Oxfam, Ethical Tea Partnership, Church of England and wide range of engineering and pharmaceutical companies.

Simeon Courtie

Simeon has been a BBC radio and television presenter for over 25 years and interviewed thousands of people from pop stars to Prime Ministers.

He writes for television - 2019 credits include the BBC1 show Have I Got News For You - and won a New York Festival award for his radio sketches. His humorous travel book The Long and Whining Road won The London Book Festival and 5 international book awards. His thriller All Hollow was published in 2019.


His warm, friendly nature and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge will put you completely at ease. An experienced coach, he will arm you with practical tools and tips learned through decades of working in the communication industry. 

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Jillian Moody

Jillian is a BBC-trained journalist with 28 years experience in newsrooms and press offices.


After two decades of newsroom journalism where she reached Editor level she 'switched sides' to became a press officer. While in the Church of England press office she was Senior Press Officer for the Archbishop of Canterbury.


As a press officer at Oxfam she visited projects worldwide accompanying journalists from the national press, aware of their needs and shaping the story.


Her vast journalistic experience, her knowledge of strong messaging and how to get stories into the media combined with a coaching qualification make her a sought after coach and media trainer.

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